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How to post from Google+ plus to Facebook, part 2

UPDATE: Better solution is now available: Google Plus Crosspost





The previous post on this topic Google+ to Facebook, automated image posting via RSS focused mostly on automating cross-posting of single images from Google+ stream to Facebook and Flickr. The feedback I have received have highlighted that this method is not efficient when cross-posting links or plain text updates to Facebook.


So now, after a few hours of fiddling with Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT, I am proud to present a new and improved method for cross-posting updates from Google+ to Facebook.

Feature list of the solution includes: 

  • Fully automated and seamless cross-posting -- create a post in Google+ and it will appear in Facebook
  • Allows cross-posting of links, videos, albums, and single photo posts
  • It is free (as of July 2013)

To set up you would need:

  1. A Google+ and Facebook accounts (douh!)
  2. An IFTTT account with active Facebook channel
  3. 10 "computer" minutes to set up

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Grab your Google ID into a clipboard
    It is a part of the URL of your "View Profile" page.
  2. Navigate to Google+ RSS Link pipe and paste your GoogleID into "Enter your GoogleID" filed.
  3. Run the pipe and grab address of the "Get as RSS" link into clipboard.  
  4. Activate IFTTT Facebook channel.
  5. Reuse the G+ to FB Link shared IFTTT recipe.
  6. Modify the "Feed URL"  by pasting the link obtained in step 3.
  7. In the "Keyword or simple phrase" enter a keyword of your choice. This will allow to control what is being crossposted.

This will enable cross-posting of links, videos, and albums from your G+ steram to Facebook.

To cross-post single images, steps 2 through 7 must be repeated with the Google+ RSS Photo pipe as the RSS Feed and G+ to FB Photo IFTTT recipe. You will also need to provide a destination Facebook album name for the images.