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Google+ to Facebook, automated image posting via RSS

UPDATE: Better solution is now available: Google Plus Crosspost



The Problem

Attention attraction image depicts an actual Yahoo Pipe that generates G+ RSS feed used in this solution

Did you ever posted an image to multiple social pages? Remember the frustration of uploading the same file multiple times? Unless you like customizing images and annotations for each social destination, please read on -- I may bring an end to all (or at least some) of your pains.

The Solution

Update: for a simple step-by-step guide please check the Part 2 post on the topic.

The base of the proposed solution is a lovely service called IFTTT. It allows to detect a change in an RSS feed and act upon it in a number of different ways. Actions available in IFTTT include posting updates to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and other services.

Unfortunately, and for the same reason as everyone else, IFTTT can not post to Google+ -- Google just does not allow it!

This brings to a natural decision of using G+ as a source data provider for IFTTT trigger, making the whole workflow as simple as:


  1. Create a post in Google+
  2. Enjoy it being automatically delivered to your other social accounts

The Missing Link

To feed the IFTTT trigger one must provide a nice RSS feed from Google+. Sadly, there is no service that would generate an RSS feed with a full-resolution image embedded in the description, that can be used by IFTTT for cross-posting purposes. Or at least I could not find one in a day or two.

What I have found though, is something called Yahoo Pipes. And after a few minutes of fiddling with it I have implemented a Google+ RSS pipe that is suitable for feeding an IFTTT trigger. 

Yahoo Pipes allows for pipes to be shared, so now the Google+ RSS pipe can be reused by anyone who wishes to get an RSS feed from Google+.

The Recipe for Google+ to FB Cross-posting


Short plan of work:

  1. Set up your Google+ RSS feed
  2. Set up your IFTTT Recipe 


Detailed steps

1. Set up your Google+ RSS feed

1.1. Set up an RSS feed for your Google+ persona
1.1.1. Open the  Google+RSS Yahoo Pipe that I have created and enter your details
1.1.2. Use your Google+ ID (grab it from the URL when you visit your G+ profile)
1.1.3. Click "Run Pipe" button and grab the link from "Get as RSS"

2. Set up your IFTTT Recipe

2.1. Register on and start creating a new recipe with RSS trigger --> click
2.2. Pick the "New feed item matches" option
2.3. In the "Keyword or simple phrase" field enter a "#fbcrosspost" or any other keyword you like. This will allow to pick and choose what is being cross-posted from your Google+. Use different keywords for each of the destinations for even finer control.
2.4. In the "Feed URL" field use the RSS Feed URL obtained in 1.3
2.5. The rest of the 
IFTTT setup is fairly straightforward, you should manage it all by yourself if you got this far!
Enjoy a good evil laugh once it works! 




The Fine Print

  1. This setup is only tested with FB and Flickr
  2. Allow 15 minutes for IFTTT service to fetch an update
  3. Only one image per Google+ post will be cross-posted
  4. Not tested with multiple images per Google+ post (most likely will require additional tweaking)
  5. Feel free to modify the Google+RSS pipe
  6. Google API Keys on the screenshots below are fake
  7. Feel free to ask questions!

Advanced Features

To build a fully custom Google+ RSS feed you may need to modify the original Google+RSS pipe. You are welcome to do so, but keep in mind that you will need to use your own Google API key.

To get the API Key, simply:

1.1. Find your Google API key
1.1.1. Start here: 
1.1.2. Create an API Project if you don't have one already
1.1.3. Grab a key from the 
Simple API Access section


1.2. Enable Google+ API
1.2.1. In the Google APIs Console, click on Services (top left corner under API Project)
1.2.2. Scroll through to the "
Google+ API" and toggle the switch to "ON"