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How It Works?



You create a post on your Google Plus Personal or Page account and Magenta River creates replicas of the post in social networks of your choice.

Our servers periodically check for new posts from your Goolge Plus accounts. Once new content is detected it is pulled to server and is published as new posts to social networks of your choice.

All crossposting is done server-side, no plugins nor addons are required to install, and no need to stay online for crosspost.

Crosspost works for all platforms and devices too! Read more on our Help Page...

Live Samples

Visit our +Crosspost Service Samples Google Plus Page and explore examples of crosspost service capability.

Crosspost results can be found in sample accounts listed on +Crosspost Service Samples About page.

Crosspost Benefits

Range of Destinations

  • Facebook with Pages
  • Twitter with images
  • Flickr
  • 500px with stories
  • Tumblr

Get Started Quickly

No additional accounts! Sign-in with Google Plus and link accounts in seconds.

Add unlimited Google Plus Page and Personal accounts as content source.

Images and Albums

We take every effort to replicate images and albums in full in destination.

Feel free to add images to existing albums or just pile everything to your timeline -- our software will take care of the rest!

Free Unlimited Access

Our free plan includes unlimited posts from unlimited source to unlimited destination accounts.

No ads, no fees, no credit card required!


Our site uses "cookies". Web browser places cookies on hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about the user. You may choose to set web browser to refuse cookies. If you do so you will not be able to sing-in to the service.

More Information

Most demanding users are welcome to read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents.


We never ask for any of your passwords.

You still have to authorise Magenta River to post on your behalf. The authorisation is granted via a workflow that guarantees that your personal credentials are not seen by our servers.

Authorisation for every social network can always be revoked on each network's site. Once authorisation is removed, Magenta River will be unable to post on your behalf.